Start of the season with “AgroVesna – 2019”

On February 19-22 the AgroVesna-2019 exhibition was held in Kiev IEC where the team of the Integro company took an active part as in previous years.

The scale of the exhibition is increasing every year which reflects the trend of a rapidly developing agricultural market in Ukraine especially in the field of new technologies and in particular organic cultivation.

An indisputable fact of the need for “naturalness” is the increased interest of visitors in biological products.

This factor satisfies us because it indicates that we have taken the right course and produced a highly demanded product.

At the exhibition we met regular customers and new ones – farmers involved in the cultivation of berries and grapes in the Kiev and Zhytomyr regions who showed interest in our product Gumino de Gallina since its use on grapes, raspberries and strawberries in the season 2018 years showed good results.

Good results and satisfied partners inspire us to work as well as create new products.