“Samosad” on Podil: the new season

Residents of the Podolsky district of Kyiv probably know about the public project “Samosad” which appeared several years ago thanks to enthusiasts and simply caring people of Kyiv. They turned an abandoned wasteland into a beautiful recreation area. Every year the team led by Olga Zakrevskaya tries to create something new and make “Samosad” even cozier.

Our Integro company joined the project last year when fertilized the lawn and other plants in the small public garden with Gumino de gallina natural fertilizer. This season we don’t trail behind and once again succoured to the starved flora of “Samosad”. Our guys kindly came to the cozy garden on Podil to apply Gumino de gallina liquid fertilizer under hedge and numerous plants. It allows them feeling better on the pure soil of former wasteland.

We are happy to contribute to the development of walking and recreation areas because we sincerely believe that even a small contribution of each of us is able to make green not only Kyiv but the entire planet.

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