Organic fertilizers

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Organic fertilizers “Gumino de gallina”

Specialists of our company, based on the world experience, have developed the author technology of processing chicken manure into high-quality organic fertilizers (biohumus). The basis for production of organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” is only pure chicken manure without any chemical (mineral) additives.

Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” during production process is subjected to heat treatment without air that excludes the risk of preservation of harmful bacteria (Salmonella, E-coli), helminth eggs and germinated plants seeds.

Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” due to its characteristics is complex fertilizer with high content of macro- (iron, phosphorus, potassium, calcium, magnesium, sulfur) and micronutrients (zinc, copper, manganese, cobalt). At that all components of the fertilizer are in available form for plants.

Liquid organic fertilizers

Developing organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” our specialists have achieved the technological balance by removing all harmful and hazardous components of the feedstock, while leaving and strengthening all the useful and necessary for the soil and plants.

Solid organic fertilizers

Area of application of “Gumino de gallina” is wide enough. It can be used both as additional nutrition and as main fertilizer for plants and restoring fertile soil layer. Application of organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” will strengthen plants making them disease- and pest-resistant, foster plants growth and guarantee organic healthy harvest.

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