Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” 20L

Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” 20L

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Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina”, 20L

The basis for fertilizer production is pure chicken manure without adding herbage and any other chemical (mineral) constituents.

While developing Gumino de Gallina organic fertilizer, the specialists of our company reached technological balance; they removed all harmful and hazardous components from initial raw material and preserved and enriched all the stuff that is necessary and beneficial for the soil and vegetation at the same time.

During the course of its manufacture, Gumino de Gallina organic fertilizer goes through thermal processing with no access of air (anaerobic thermophylic mode), which excludes the preservation of harmful bacteria (Salmonella, E. coli), helminth eggs, or germinated plant seeds in it.

Liquid fertilizers may be used for agricultural and orchard crops, glass-cultures, shrubs, fruit trees, ornamental plants and lawns.

Fertilizers are particularly used for:

  • foliar dressing in different vegetation periods;
  • drip watering in open ground and greenhouses as the main fertilizer;
  • pre-sowing seed treatment (for better germinating ability and shorter germination period);
  • de-stressing caused by application of crop protection agents.

Fertilizer has a positive effect at every stage: seedling stage, early growth, blossom and fruiting of plant.


Application of organic fertilizers remediates soil, stimulates biochemical processes, increases the quantity of beneficial microorganisms in soil, improves its agrochemical and physical properties, guarantees ecological purity of products.

Our fertilizers contains a lot of nutrients: nitrogen, potassium, phosphorus and magnesium. Their concentration is 3-4 times higher than in other natural fertilizers of animal origin.

Application of our organic fertilizers increases crop yield (in comparison with control sample), strengthens plant immunity and reduces ripening period.

Indices, g/L

Nitrate nitrogen (NO3) – 0,83 ± 0,10

Ammonia nitrogen (NH4) – 1,44 ± 0,30

Phosphorus – 1,28 ± 0,30

Potassium – 4 ± 0,30

Humidity, % – 97,26 ± 0,90

рН – 8 ± 0,30

Shake well, dilute with water 1:100; apply to the root zone every 10-12 days during the whole vegetation period.

Apply for nutrition of vegetable crops, small-fruit crops, fruit trees, houseplants and lawns.

Application rates according to biological needs of plants.

Apply in cloudy weather, in the morning or in the evening when the solar activity is low.

Estimated fertilizer dosage for agricultural crops — 20-40 l/hectare.

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Organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina”

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