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  • Gumino de Gallina: A New Philosophy of Fertilization

    The fertility of agricultural soils is now becoming a global-scale issue. The notorious ‘black earth’ of Ukraine, once rich in humus, is rapidly losing its value. Mineral fertilizers will not improve the situation as the soil requires at least 30 per cent of organic compounds to be added to them. In response to the needs […]

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  • In a Greenhouse, on a Field, or on Sand…

    In a field, on sand, in a greenhouse, or on just poor soils, you can grow vegetables and other crops anywhere provided you take advantage of organic fertilizers. The company Integro, a new Ukrainian manufacturer, is confident about that. These adherents of green farming have already launched a factory capable of producing up to 500 […]

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  • Farming enterprise 2016

    Our company continues to follow the most interesting and important relevant events as well as actively participate in them for popularizing and promoting our technology. We didn’t pass by the Exhibition & Conference «Farming enterprise 2016» in Odessa, which was visited by the company’s representative Oleg Chernushenko on the 8-9th October. Within the framework of […]

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  • III National Potato Day

    Anton Bulygin, Director of Integro-SD Company and Oleksandr Glushenkov, Manager of International Department visited the III National Potato Day which took place on October 17th in Galchyn village Zhytomyr region. The event was dedicated to development of potato farming in Ukraine, market analytics and demonstration of new scientific and practical achievements in this area. At […]

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  • John Deere visited Integro Company

      Correspondent of the quarterly The Furrow journal (publishing house John Deere GmbH & Co.) visited our plant for organic fertilizers production. Having familiarized itself with production facility and technology the periodical became interested in our inventions and as the result published topical article in June issue of the journal. Such attention of John Deere […]

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  • Experience of organic strawberry cultivation

    Once again Integro team got the excellent results and positive feedback after application of organic fertilizers from pure chicken manure during strawberry cultivation on the field. Large-scale field tests have been carried out on the basis of the farm enterprise “Eco-yagoda” which cutlivates organic berries. Director of the farm enterprise Yaroslav Vatamanyuk decided not to […]

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  • Mushroom mycelium cultivation

    Studies for mushrooms cultivation using growing medium with organic fertilizers from pure chicken manure go on. At this stage mycelium samples of different mushrooms were successfully cultivated. Thus we determined the best growing medium composition and our next step will be the large-scale test.

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  • Business trip to Israel

    From February 3rd through February 6th employees of Integro Company made a business trip to the State of Israel for the purpose of holding negotiations and establishing partnership with representatives of local business community. Within negotiation process the issues of implementation and usage of technology for anaerobic processing of chicken manure into organic fertilizers on […]

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  • Business trip to Cyprus

    Within the development of business cooperation with target countries the business trip to Cyprus was made. During working visit the company’s employees held the range of meetings with representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment of Cyprus as well as representatives of the agricultural sector. The subject of the meetings was application […]

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  • International forum “Ukraine – Middle East and Africa”

    Integro Company took part in International Economic and Investment Forum “Ukraine – Middle East: key areas of economic cooperation”, which took place on October 8th in Kyiv. The Forum’s initiators were Ukrainian National Committee of the International Chamber of Commerce (IСC Ukraine) and State Enterprise “Derzhzovnishinform”. The Forum was visited by heads and representatives of […]

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