Integro company got a Climate Innovation Voucher

The main goal of Integro company and our team is to popularize a sustainable relationship to the land, agricultural crops and environment through the production and distribution of Gumino de Gallina fertilizer.


The road is long, difficult and interesting.

It is especially nice when you come across the people who are interested in your business, believe in it and see perspectives.

In recent years we have received a lot of trust from grateful farmers – thank you very much.

It is also very pleasant that in addition to farmers we are now trusted by financial institutions, so in 2018 we received a grant from the European Commission under the Horizon 2020 programme.

And this April our company won the trust of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development, the European Union representative office in Ukraine and Greencubator who supported our project and allocated funds for its further development.

We will direct the obtained Climate Innovation Voucher (Grant) to the automation of the technological process of Gumino de Gallina natural fertilizer production and registration of our fertilizer in the target European countries: Spain, Greece and Cyprus, as well as consulting in organic poultry farming.

We are very grateful to all of our friends and partners because together we can reach unprecedented heights and realize our green dreams for the sake of our children and our country.