John Deere visited Integro Company


Organic fertilizers injectionВнесение органических удобрений

Organic fertilizers injection
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Correspondent of the quarterly The Furrow journal (publishing house John Deere GmbH & Co.) visited our plant for organic fertilizers production.

Having familiarized itself with production facility and technology the periodical became interested in our inventions and as the result published topical article in June issue of the journal.

Such attention of John Deere to liquid organic fertilizers production corresponds to modern European trends. Recently European farmers and also John Deere pay great attention to organic farming both in R&D and on pages of their journal.

With the current low prices for agricultural products European farmers try to save every euro. Thus more and more agricultural enterprises use liquid fertilizers of organic origin for the purpose of spending reduction for mineral fertilizers. This is confirmed by articles in relevant periodicals and scientific and practical innovations, for example slurry analysing sensor for measuring NPK and controlling nutrients application rate immediately during organic fertilizers injection.

It may be said that the interest to organic fertilizers increases every year and modern innovations in this area will be certainly interesting both for commercial farmers and small gardeners. Application of liquid organic fertilizers, which are our focus business area now, is the most simple and less expensive variant. All the more the existing machinery at farm enterprises can be used for that purpose. Even now many Ukrainian farmers contacted us for purchasing our products for the sowing campaign 2017. There is such hurry due to shortage of quality organic fertilizers at the market because demand for fertilizers from chicken manure goes up but supply is limited.

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