III National Potato Day

Organic fertilizers injectionВнесение органических удобрений

Anton Bulygin, Director of Integro-SD Company, at the III National Potato Day

Anton Bulygin, Director of Integro-SD Company and Oleksandr Glushenkov, Manager of International Department visited the III National Potato Day which took place on October 17th in Galchyn village Zhytomyr region. The event was dedicated to development of potato farming in Ukraine, market analytics and demonstration of new scientific and practical achievements in this area.

At the event our company’s employees got in business contacts with the range of associations and companies. Based on the results of the meetings it became clear that currently the practice of organic fertilizers application is absolutely not spreaded among potato growers. In this connection our company will try to influence the situation and make organic fertilizers an inherent component during potato cultivation.

For information: National Potato Day is the annual event in the area of Ukrainian potato farming organized by the Ukrainian Agrarian Council under the auspices of the Ukrainian Association of Potato Producers. This year the event was visited by near 400 participants from all over Ukraine.

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