Field studies

Field studies of organic fertilizers

For the purpose of defining the regularities of effect of organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina”, being produced by the Integro’s technology, on physicochemical and agrochemical soil characteristics as well as germinating capacity, vegetation and development of control crops, the field studies of abovementioned biohumus have been carried out since August, 2014 under control of the relevant institute for soil science.

The results of these tests show the significant increase of crops growth on the soil with organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” comparing to control samples being cultivated on the professional well-balanced soil for greenhouses.

The tests are carried out on the mixture of sand, as well as sand and peat, with solid organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina”. As the result the expert reports and exact recommendations for organic fertilizers application on different soils for each separate crop will be received.


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