Organic fertilizers and biogas plants: in nature we trust!

Dear Ladies and Gentlemen!

We are proud to present to you innovative organic fertilizer “Gumino de gallina” (ImBio) produced from 100% poultry manure in biogas plant by Integro’s technology. Thanks to their composition our fertilizers have positive effect on soils’ quality and don’t pollute water with nitrates and heavy metals. As the result it reflects on safety and eating qualities of your harvest, and, most significantly, fertility of cultivated area in the long-term period.

As early as in 2012, the team of Integro Company developed and built its first mobile biogas plant for processing 100% poultry manure into organic fertilizers.

Ever since day after day we have been developing and improving the production of organic fertilizers, popularizing our principles both in Ukraine and abroad, supporting the culture of animal waste processing.

Organic fertilizers “Gumino de gallina” produced by patented technology are of high qualitative characteristics, can restore an exhausted soil and increase its fertility.

We are open for all forms of cooperation!

This project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 807017 — IMBIO

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